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I'm close to finishing my course. What do I need to do to graduate?

Graduation is a two-step process:

Step 1 – Course Completion
You must apply for course completion during your  final semester of study. If you are  enrolled in summer or winter school, please submit your application in the  semester prior to your summer or winter school.

Step 2 – Graduation Registration
Once students  have a status of course complete, they are then eligible to register for  graduation in Student Connect.

Please note that  strict deadlines apply for course completion and graduation registration.

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What is the  difference between course completion and graduation?

Course  completion is the process by which your subjects and results are checked to  make sure that you have completed all of the requirements of your degree. This  process does not happen automatically and you must submit an Application to Course  Complete in your final semester. You are only eligible to graduate  once you are officially confirmed as course complete. Please note that strict course completion deadlines apply for  graduation.

Graduation  is the formal process by which approved course complete students are admitted  to their degrees and have their awards conferred. Conferral of awards occurs at  a graduation ceremony.

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What happens after I submit my Application to Course Complete form?

After your final results become available,  your application will be forwarded to your Course Coordinator who will assess  your eligibility to complete your course. Once your Course Coordinator has  confirmed that you have met all course requirements, your application will be  processed and your status will change to ‘course complete’. You will receive  your final academic transcript and graduation information in the post. Only  students who are officially course complete by the appropriate deadlines can  register for graduation in Student Connect.

Courses that  require registration such as teaching and nursing are completed as a priority.

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How do I register for graduation?

All eligible  students must register for graduation in Student Connect under the ‘My  Graduation’ tab and select to attend, not attend or defer their graduation  ceremony.

Please note that graduation  registration deadlines apply.

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I do not want to attend a graduation ceremony but want to receive my testamur

Even if you do not wish to attend a  ceremony, you still need to complete graduation registration in Student  Connect. You should select the “I do not  wish to attend graduation” option during registration. Your  testamur will then be sent to your registered postal address after all ceremonies for the given semester have concluded.

It is critical to make sure that your contact details are  correct in Student Connect before  graduation registration closes. If you are an international student returning  home to an overseas address, please make sure that all address fields are  entered correctly, and include a city and a country.

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If the timing is not right, can I graduate at a later round of ceremonies?

Yes, you are welcome to defer your attendance at a graduation ceremony for up to 12 months. This will not stop the graduation process and you will still receive your testamur after all ceremonies for the  given semester have concluded.

You can apply to defer your attendance at a graduation ceremony  by selecting a future semester during registration in Student Connect.

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What does it mean to graduate in-absentia?

All students who  do not attend their ceremony, including deferred students are known to be  graduating ‘in-absentia’. It means that a student who has been approved  for course completion has elected not to attend the graduation ceremony at  which their award is being conferred.

Students who do  not register for graduation and therefore fail to advise the University of  their intention to attend or defer their graduation ceremony will be graduated  in-absentia at the relevant graduation ceremony for their Faculty. The testamur will be sent to their registered postal  address after all ceremonies for the given semester  have concluded.

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How much does it cost to attend a graduation ceremony?

If you choose to attend the graduation ceremony the graduation charge is $150. This charge includes the hire of your regalia, three guest tickets, ceremony program and light refreshments for you and your guests after the ceremony. Additional tickets are available where possible for an additional $20 each.

There is no charge if you choose to graduate in-absentia.

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Is there any other payment method besides credit card?

Yes. You can make payment by cheque or money order. Payment should be made out to Australian Catholic University and posted to:

Graduation Office
PO Box 456
Queensland 4014

Please ensure you include your name, Student ID and graduation location so we know who the payment is for.

Please ensure that you have still completed your registration on Student Connect prior to mailing the payment.

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Can I get a receipt for my registration?

Receipts are available on Student Connect in the My Fees section. If you did not pay through Student Connect, please email for a receipt.

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Can I get a refund if I can’t attend my ceremony?

Refunds will be provided if you have purchased tickets over the ticket limit applied to the Ballarat and Canberra ceremonies.

Refunds for incorrect payment or non-attendance will only be provided in extenuating circumstances. Please email with your request.

All refunds are sent in the form of a cheque and take  approximately 4-6 weeks to process.

Refunds will not be given if you change your mind or misinterpret the  ticketing arrangements. Please check your registration carefully before  submitting.

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Why does Student Connect say I am not eligible to graduate?

You will  only be able to access registration in the ‘My Graduation’ tab in Student  Connect once your course coordinator has submitted the confirmation that you  have met all of the requirements of your course. Please ensure you have  followed the instructions for completing an Application to Course  Complete form.

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How many guests can I bring?

The $150 graduation ceremony fee includes three (3) guest tickets.

Additional tickets can be purchased for an additional $20 each.

The Ballarat and Canberra ceremonies have a limit of one additional ticketdue to venue capacity, taking the total guests to four.

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Does the graduating student need a ticket for themselves?

No, the graduating student does not require a ticket. The three tickets included in the registration package are for guests.

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When will I receive my guest tickets?

Guest tickets will be posted to your preferred mailing address  progressively throughout the registration period. You will receive your tickets  at least two weeks prior to the ceremony, but this may vary depending on when  you completed graduation registration and paid the ceremony fee in full.

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Can I purchase extra tickets for the graduation ceremony?

Yes. Additional tickets are available for  all ceremonies at a cost of $20 each. There is a limit of one additional ticket  for the Ballarat and Canberra ceremonies due to venue capacity, taking the  total number of guests to four.

You should purchase your additional tickets  when registering for the ceremony on Student Connect. Please note that you will  receive three guest tickets as part of your registration package so only select  additional tickets on top of the three you have already been allocated.

If you have  already submitted your graduation registration and require additional tickets,  please email with your name, student ID and how many tickets you  require. These will be added to your account on Student Connect.

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Can I purchase extra tickets on the day?

Yes, additional tickets can be purchased at  the registration desk at a cost of $20 each, however this is subject to venue  capacity and availability. We do not accept cash, however payments can be made  via Eftpos or credit card.

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I haven’t received my tickets.

Please make sure that you completed  graduation registration and paid the graduation ceremony fee in full within the  appropriate deadlines. Regular ticket mail-outs will occur progressively  throughout the registration period. You can expect to receive your tickets at  least two weeks prior to your ceremony, but this may vary depending on when you  completed your registration and paid your ceremony fee in full. If you have  completed a late registration, you will need to collect your tickets at the  registration desk on the day of your ceremony.

If you believe your tickets have been sent  to an incorrect address, please update your address in Student Connect and then  contact

If you are a deferred graduate, then you will not have  access to Student Connect and you will need to email if your address has changed.

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What should I wear to a graduation ceremony?

Please wear smart, neat or professional attire as a minimum dress standard. Shorts, jeans, t-shirts, thongs, barefeet or joggers are not considered appropriate.

Please see Academic Dress for more information.

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How do I purchase my own regalia?

Unfortunately ACU does not sell regalia. You can purchase regalia through our suppliers, P Blashki and Sons.

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I have my own regalia, do I get a discount?

Yes, you will receive a discount of $85 if you have a full set of your own regalia. Individual items are gown - $35, hood/stole - $25, mortar board/bonnet - $10. All items are required for graduation.

If you have your own regalia, please email prior to paying for your registration on Student Connect.

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What colour regalia do I wear for my faculty?

Please see Academic Dress for Faculty colours and further information.

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Where are graduation ceremonies held?

For specific  locations and dates, please see Ceremony Dates and Deadlines.

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What time should I arrive for the graduation ceremony?

Registration opens three hours prior to every ceremony and closes 90 minutes prior to the advertised start time. Graduands arriving late will not be admitted to the ceremony. An information package detailing arrival time will be sent prior to the ceremony. Graduating students are required to be  seated in the auditorium one hour prior to the ceremony for a compulsory  briefing.

Ballarat graduation has registration in the morning of the ceremony, prior to Graduation Mass.

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How long will the ceremony last?

This will depend on the number of graduands attending. Generally ceremonies are of approximately 1.5 hours in duration. Graduates are expected to remain for the duration of the ceremony as a courtesy to other graduates and guests.

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Can I bring children to the ceremony?

Yes, however the ceremony for small children could be considered a little long and formal. If children are coming to a ceremony, parents/carers are encouraged to bring along quiet activities to keep them entertained. If children become unsettled, disruptive or noisy parents/carers may be politely asked to leave the ceremony with the child until they are settled. For the comfort of all patrons and guests, children above the age of two are required to have a guest ticket and be seated in their own chair. Children below the age of two who are not occupying their own seat do not require a guest ticket.

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I have/my guest has special needs and will require arrangements at the ceremony?

If you are  graduating and think that you may need assistance throughout the day or  crossing the stage, please email at least  three weeks prior to your ceremony so that arrangements can be made.

All venues  are wheelchair accessible. Guests will be invited to enter the auditorium 30  minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. Please speak to staff at the  reception desk if your guests require additional time to be seated in the  auditorium.

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I had photos taken when crossing the stage, who can I contact to get these?

The official photographer is GFP Studios. You can look and purchase stage photographs or any studio portraits via their website

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How can I change my name?

It is important to check that your name is  correct because your testamur and other important graduation documentation will be issued  with your full name as it appears in Student Connect.

If changes are required  you must complete and lodge a Change of Name (CN) form with  documentary evidence (eg marriage certificate, drivers license, birth  certificate, passport) to a Student  Centre.

Please note that  deadlines apply to change your name – see Ceremony Dates and Deadlines.

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Will I still get a copy of my results if I don't attend?

Yes, if you have been approved for completion by your Course Coordinator you will be posted an academic transcript with graduation information. You will be sent your  testamur and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement after all  ceremonies for the given semester have concluded.

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Can I get my testamur before the graduation ceremony?

No, your  award is conferred at a graduation ceremony. This means that you can either  receive your testamur in person at your graduation ceremony, or if you have  chosen to defer or not attend you will receive your testamur in the post after  all ceremonies for the given semester have concluded.

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Can I get a letter for immigration for my family members attending from overseas?

Yes, however  letters can only be sent when you are officially approved as course complete.  Please complete a request form for International Graduation Guest (IGG) Invite.

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I have received my certificate in the mail, however I selected to attend next year’s graduation ceremony.

When deferring your graduation, you are deferring your attedance at the ceremony and not the process of conferring your award. As graduation documentation is often required for employment purposes, your award has been conferred at the initial graduation ceremony so you can receive all documentation. Your name will be re-listed in the ceremony you attend and a replica testamur will be presented to you.

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