Various forms of financial assistance are available to students

Sources include:

Student Loans Scheme

The University provides a scheme for making a loan available to students who demonstrate a genuine need for assistance. As funds are limited, the scheme is reviewed annually.

Applications will be assessed on a needs basis, subject to availability of funds. Particular attention will be paid to the requirements of students from country or isolated areas, and students from disadvantaged groups such as low-income groups.

Assistance will be provided if it appears that without a loan, the student will be unable to pursue the course or will suffer undue hardship in doing so. Students receiving a loan will need to ensure that they have the capacity to repay the loan. A loan will not be provided to cover HECS debts.

A loan of up to $500 will normally be short-term for up to a period of no more than twelve months. The loan is interest free.

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Students must be enrolled in an award undergraduate course or 4th year program (Honours / Graduate Certificate / Graduate Diploma). Non-award, Masters and Doctoral students are not eligible.
  2. A loan will normally not be made available to students during their first semester of attendance at ACU.
  3. Students are not eligible for a loan if they have received a grant from the Commonwealth Government.
  4. All applicable Student Service Fees must normally be paid in full before students are eligible for a loan.
  5. A loan will not be made available to students who have an outstanding debt to the University.

Application Procedures

To apply for an interest free ACU Student Loan, please read and then complete the following form:

Repayment of Student Loans

The full amount will be repaid by an agreed date.

Methods of Repayment:

Online Payment:  (Preferred Method)

Students can make an online payment using credit card

By Post:

Payment by cheque or money order with details of Student Name and Student Identification Number (ID) may be sent to:

No Payment in Person:

No student loan payments will be accepted in person or by cash.