The testamur is a legal document imprinted with the Academic Seal of the University and is issued once. Testamurs are printed using your full name as it appears in Student Connect (initials, nicknames, abbreviations are NOT permitted). It is important that you check that your full name is recorded correctly in Student Connect. If changes are required you must complete and lodge a Change of Name (CN) form with documentary evidence (eg marriage certificate, drivers license, birth certificate, passport) to a Student Centre by the course completion deadlines for each campus.

Graduands who attend a ceremony will be presented with their testamur at the ceremony. Graduands who elect not to attend or to defer their attendance will receive their testamur via registered post after all ceremonies for the semester have concluded. Deferred graduates will receive a replica when they attend their deferred ceremony.

IMPORTANT: It is critical to make sure that your contact details are correct in Student Connect before graduation registration closes. If you are an international student returning home to an overseas address, please make sure that all address fields are entered correctly, and include a city and a country.


Replacement Testamurs

If your testamur is irretrievably lost, destroyed or damaged a replacement can be requested. If the original testamur has been damaged and you are requesting a replacement, you MUST return the damaged testamur to the Graduation Office with your request.

To make a request for a replacement testamur, please complete the Replacement Testamur Form, provide a statutory declaration outlining the circumstances of the loss/damage, and a replacement fee of:

Processing of a replacement testamur will be within 10 working days within Australia.