Graduation Ceremony Fee

Graduands must login to Student Connect to register and pay for their graduation ceremony during the applicable registration period. You will not be registered to attend the graduation ceremony if you have not paid the graduation ceremony fee.

The graduation ceremony fee for each graduand to attend their graduation ceremony is $150.00 (incl GST).

This fee includes:

Guest Tickets

Guest tickets will be posted to your preferred mailing address progressively throughout the registration period. You will receive your tickets at least two weeks prior to your ceremony, but this may vary depending on when you completed graduation registration and paid the ceremony fee in full.

IMPORTANT: It is critical to make sure that your contact details are correct in Student Connect before graduation registration closes to ensure that you receive your tickets before your ceremony.

A limited number of additional guest tickets are available for purchase at a cost of $20.00 each (incl GST). Additional tickets must be purchased as part of the registration process. If you need to change the number of extra tickets that you have ordered after you have registered, send an email to which includes your name, student identification number, your graduation ceremony and advise the necessary changes. You will receive a confirmation email once these changes have been made.

Ticket Limits:
There is a limit of 1 additional guest ticket for the Ballarat and Canberra graduation ceremonies (total of 4 guest tickets) due to venue capacity. Tickets purchased above the limit for Ballarat and Canberra will not be released.


Please do not pay for your graduation ceremony until you have completed the registration on Student Connect. Once you have registered, you should then follow the link to make payment. Making early payment or paying on old invoices could cause problems with your graduation registration. Students who do not wish to attend a graduation ceremony do not need to make any payment during the registration process.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be provided if you have purchased tickets over the ticket limit applied to the Ballarat and Canberra ceremonies.

Refunds for incorrect payment or non-attendance will only be provided in extenuating circumstances. Please email with your request. All refunds are sent in the form of a cheque and take approximately 4-6 weeks to process.

Refunds will not be given if you change your mind or misinterpret the ticketing arrangements. Please check your registration carefully before submitting.