Professor Greg Craven Professor Greg Craven

Graduation ceremonies are tremendously exciting occasions. I am always personally uplifted to see the joy on the faces of our graduates as they come together, proudly wearing their ACU regalia. Graduation provides us with an opportunity to recognise your achievements publicly and is, deservedly, a time of great pride for you, your family and the staff who have guided you during your time at the University.

As part of the ceremony, we bid you to go forth into the community to share the ideals, competencies and a commitment to serving the common good which have been integral to your education at Australian Catholic University. It is through your demonstration of the ideals embedded in the University Mission that Australian Catholic University will be known and the wider community greatly enriched.

There is also a personal reason why I hope that you will attend the graduation ceremony. It is one of the few occasions on which I am able to meet and personally congratulate our graduates and their families. I value that opportunity very much.

I look forward to seeing you at the graduation ceremony and celebrating your achievements with you.

Professor Greg Craven
Australian Catholic University

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