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Specific links to Graduation information:

In order to graduate you need to submit an Application to Course Complete (ACC) Form at the commencement of your final semester.

Note: Do not use this form if you are a Research student - Please contact the Office of Research.

Students currently finishing their course and who have submitted an ACC form will be assessed on their eligibility to course complete by their Course Co-ordinator. Once students have been verified as being eligible, a course complete transcript will be mailed, along with information regarding Graduation.

Ensure your mailing address is current in Student Connect as Important information about your course completion and graduation will be sent to your current mailing address.

If you believe you are eligible to graduate and have submitted an ACC form, but have not received your academic transcript within six weeks prior to the relevant graduation ceremony, please contact your Course Co-ordinator.

Important message regarding payment of Graduation Fees:

Please do not pay for your Graduation until you have completed the registration on Student Connect. You should then follow the link to make payment.

Note: Making early payment or paying on old invoices could cause problems with your Graduation Registration.

Special Needs and Assistance

If you have special requirements for the ceremony, please email graduation@acu.edu.au

Career Development Services and Graduates

ACU students can continue to access careers support for 12 months following graduation. This includes one-on-one careers appointments and on-line application support via ACU CareerHub. Graduates have lifetime access to the online job board and careers resources available through ACU Careerhub.

For more information, visit the Career Development website.

ACU Alumni Network

As a graduate of Australian Catholic University, you are automatically a member of a powerful network of more than 70,000 ACU alumni around Australia and the world.

For more information visit the ACU Alumni Network website.

Graduation Feedback

Tell us your thoughts about your ACU graduation experience.

ACU Graduation Feedback