What sets us apart?

We're public, and Catholic

As a public university, we welcome staff and students of all beliefs and backgrounds, and uphold a respectful, open-minded and culturally diverse learning environment.

As a Catholic university, within the International Federation of Catholic Universities, we are devoted, through research and teaching, to communicating truth in every field of knowledge, and to promoting the dignity of all people and the common good.

We're all about people

We support our students in attaining the highest level of academic achievement through the provision of quality teaching and resources.

We build and maintain strong links with our community and industry to produce highly skilled professionals who are leaders in their field.

We're opening doors to higher education

We believe in equal access to education for all people, and especially for Indigenous Australian people, people who are personally or financially disadvantaged and people with disabilities.

We offer accessible education through flexible learning options, such as part-time study and pathway courses, to meet the ever-changing needs of our students.

Why take up postgraduate study at ACU?

Change is inevitable

The current pace and scale of change is unprecedented in history. The recent global financial crisis dramatically demonstrated how quickly a crisis in one country can affect others.

This is evident in our working lives

 It is important to acquire skills that will assist us in confronting change. The ability to reinvent ourselves and our careers, to adapt continually and master new processes and ideas, to recognise opportunities and to have the confidence to take action, is imperative to career progression.

New research, ideas, theories and practices are continually emerging

Postgraduate study can give you insight into new developments in your field, or provide you with the skills you need to change your career. Those who adopt a lifelong approach to learning will remain at the forefront of change. 

Employers value highly skilled employees who are committed to learning new skills and flexible in meeting new challenges. 

Australian Catholic University offers a range of relevant, innovative and stimulating postgraduate courses. The University is recognised for the quality of its graduates and the staff who teach them.

- Professor Jim Bright, Professorial Fellow (Career Education and Development) Faculty of Education

Professor Jim Bright, Professorial Fellow (Career Education and Development) Faculty of Education

Professor Jim Bright has over 20 years of experience in psychology and career development.

He is the managing partner of Bright and Associates, a successful career management consultancy.

Professor Bright also writes a weekly column on careers, for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and has published over 225 books, chapters, journal and newspaper articles, texts and reports.