Yalbalinga (Place of Learning) Indigenous Higher Education Unit

What we do

Yalbalinga Indigenous Higher Education Unit on Australian Catholic University's Strathfield campus (Mount Saint Mary) provides social, cultural, personal and academic support. It also provides a place to meet and work on assignments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. For those needing tutorial support, the staff of Yalbalinga can arrange for the employment of tutors.

During residential schools for the off-campus students, Yalbalinga organises the program of classes and other events.

Yalbalinga Residential Dates  

How to find us

Yalbalinga Indigenous Higher Education Unit is located on the ground floor of S Block at the Strathfield Campus.

Contact us

Leanne King
Academic Coordinator

Strathfield Campus
25A Barker Road
Strathfield NSW 2135

Tel: 02 9701 4258
Fax: 02 9701 4189
Email: Leanne.King@acu.edu.au