Dhara Daramoolen (Earth, Spirit) Indigenous Higher Education Unit

What we do

The Dhara Daramoolen Indigenous Higher Education Unit at Australian Catholic University's Canberra campus (Signadou) serves the needs of all Indigenous students enrolled at ACU in Canberra. The Unit provides encouragement and support for Indigenous students in their studies and a place where they can meet and work on assignments. For those needing tutorial support, the staff of Dhara Daramoolen can arrange for the employment of tutors.

Our facilities

The unit consists of a common room and study centre with three computers.

General support

Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and staff are encouraged to visit Dhara Daramoolen to gain knowledge of the historic and contemporary issues for Australia's Indigenous people, and to understand and appreciate the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

In addition, Dhara Daramoolen provides Indigenous students with:

How to find us

The Dhara Daramoolen Indigenous Higher Education Unit is located on the north-eastern side of the Signadou Building at the Canberra Campus. 

Contact us

Christine King
Student Resource Coordinator

Canberra Campus
223 Antill Street
Watson ACT 2602

Tel: 02 6209 1222
Fax: 02 6209 1221
Email: christine.king@acu.edu.au