ACU has a number of bonus points schemes available to eligible applicants.
There are five schemes, each of which can entitle a student to receive bonus points. Students could be eligible to receive bonus points in more than one scheme (points are cumulative).
All bonus points are applied through the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre (TAC).


accessACU is a bonus point scheme open to current Year 12 students that aims to improve access to higher education. Through the scheme, you may be awarded up to five bonus points toward your entry score based on the criteria outlined below. These bonus points are automatically applied through the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre – there is no need to apply separately.

Subject Bonus
You may be awarded up to five bonus points if you have performed particularly well in specific Year 12 subjects that are relevant to the course for which you are applying.
View the list of courses and subject bonuses for courses available through:

Campus Bonus

This replaces the previous geographic bonus applied under accessACU. Applicants may be eligible to receive five bonus points automatically through the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre – there is no need to apply separately.

Elite Athlete Program

If you are an elite athlete, you may be eligible to receive up to five bonus entry points at ACU depending on your level of representation. To apply, submit the Elite Athlete Program Additional Information (E) form directly to ACU by the 31 October 2012. If your Elite Athlete application is assessed as eligible to receive up to five bonus points, ACU will process them through the TAC system automatically. To receive elite athlete bonus points, applicants must have an entry score equivalent to ACU’s minimum eligibility score of ATAR 58.50 or OP17.

Regional and Disadvantaged Schools

ACU also applies bonus points to eligible applicants who live in regional areas and/or who attended schools that have been identified by a relevant State/Territory government as disadvantaged in some way. This may be because they cannot offer the same variety of school subjects as their more urban counterparts due to distance, or for some other similar reason. Up to five bonus points may be awarded under this scheme. Bonus points are awarded automatically through each Tertiary Admission Centre – there is no need to apply separately.

Educational Access Schemes – EAS and SEAS

Bonus points schemes are available through each TAC for those applicants who have experienced education disadvantage. The scheme available through QTAC and UAC is called Education Access Scheme (EAS) and through VTAC it is called Special Educational Access Scheme (SEAS). The severity of educational disadvantage experienced is assessed against various hardship categories available through each TAC. However, most schemes include categories such as financial hardship, home environment and responsibilities, personal illness and disability, education disruption and English language difficulties. For further information about submitting an application for EAS or SEAS, please refer to each TAC website. Applications must be made directly to the relevant TAC.

NOTE: Applicants can receive a maximum of five points for 'Campus Bonus' and 'Regional and Disadvantaged Schools' combined. In addition, the 'Campus Bonus' is only available to Year 12 students.