screen-shot: 2009 design sub site Landing page
  1. Header Tool Bar

    As for Homepage with the addition of -
    Skip to Navigation: A similar accessibility feature which takes the focus off the cursor onto the navigation panel on the left of the page

  2. ACU Logo

    Click on the ACU logo to return to the home page.
  3. Site Search

    Enter a search criteria into this field and click 'Go‘ to search  the content of our website.
  4. Major Links (Horizontal Navigation)

    These links are to major areas (eg: Courses, Apply & Enrol) and other websites (eg: International, Library). NOTE: These main links appear on all pages.
  5. Breadcrumb Links

    These are a series of links indicating the location of the page you are currently viewing within the site structure. The more links that appear the deeper you are in that branch of the site. The last page title is not linked because this represents the page you are currently viewing.
  6. Left Side Navigation Links

    Use these links to navigate through the pages within the section you are viewing and to other sections under the same area title e.g. ‘Courses'. Clicking on a section link will open up the links to the pages within that section. Links in red text indicate the area, section and page you are currently viewing.
  7. Useful Links

    A list of links to matters of general or generic use to the majority of users. This listing can vary according to the subject matter of the page
  8. Information For . . .

    Links for special interest users (eg: new students, parents) visiting the site giving easy access to areas of interest to them.
  9. Main Page Information

    This is the information appearing on the page. For this example, a landing page is displayed with links to the Levels of Study and Course Areas, other pages will display content in this area.