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  1. Header Tool Bar

    Skip to Content: A useful accessibility feature for those users relying on tabbing to navigate.
    A-Z Listing: Another accessibility feature displaying the structure of this website as an alphabetical list of web page names.
    Careers at ACU: Find work at ACU.
    Staff Directory: Locate ACU Staff information.
    Contact Us:Contact information

  2. Site Search

    Enter a search criteria into this field and click 'Go‘ to search the content of our website.

  3. Major Links (Horizontal Navigation)

    These links are to major areas (eg: Courses, Apply & Enrol) and other websites (eg: International, Library). NOTE: These main links appear on all pages.

  4. Features

    Find out more about this featured item by clicking on the image. Use the small image scroll bar below to see current features.

  5. Generic Login

    A “one stop” login point connects to login for Blackboard, email, Student Connect and eLearning.

  6. Major Links (Detailed Navigation)

    Major links to key areas are repeated with detailed links appearing below them (eg: Apply Now, courses, campus locations etc).

  7. Easy to Locate News, Events and Important Dates

    News, Events and Important Dates are Tabbed. For easy location select tab and follow the links. Items are in reverse chronological order (newest item appears first).

  8. Footer Tool Bar

    Accessibility – detailed information
    Ask ACU – ask question about ACU
    Feedback– give us your feedback