Whatever your reason, the choice to return to study can be exciting, but also a little daunting. Whether it is to advance your career, increase your skills or simply pursue an interest, you will probably have lots of questions about university life and queries about enrolment, costs or time commitment. ACU has a strong network of staff and support services dedicated to making your return to uni simple and successful.


Life skills can be used for entry in to university, as well as previous work experience. Any study undertaken through TAFE Colleges and other training providers can also help you gain entry.
If you have not undertaken any formal study we encourage you to take a Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT).

What is a STAT?

The Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) is a two-hour aptitude test that assists applicants in demonstrating their potential for tertiary study. The test is used by institutions across Australia.
All states and territories regularly hold STAT tests and you can register to sit the next test through your relevant TAC.

Register for a STAT

To register to sit the next STAT in your state or territory please visit:

Any statements relating to work or other supporting documentation should be lodged with your application.

Should I complete a STAT?

You may find that STAT improves your case for tertiary entry in the following circumstances:

Alternative entry

You should consider sitting a STAT if you have no formal educational qualifications and you are applying for entry on the basis of alternative entry or mature age qualifications alone.
You may also consider sitting the STAT if you have completed the following: senior external examination subjects, competency-based training course/s, Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation.

Senior External Examination

If you have partially completed the senior external examination, a STAT result can be combined with your subject results to increase your overall selection score.

Competency-Based Training (CBT)

A number of tertiary institutions, TAFE and registered training organisations (RTOs) in particular, have CBT, where students receive results of ‘competent’ and ‘not yet competent’. If you are undertaking a certificate, diploma, advanced diploma or degree course in which the assessment is competency-based, it is strongly recommended that you sit the STAT to potentially improve your selection rank.

Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation

The Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (ATP) is a preparatory course conducted by TAFE Queensland and some private providers. A STAT result can be combined with the results from this certificate to improve your selection rank.

Subject prerequisites

The STAT may also be used to satisfy some subject prerequisites. For example, a good STAT result may satisfy the English subject prerequisite and a good score in the quantitative subsection of the STAT may satisfy the mathematics subject prerequisite for some institutions.

To find out more about applying to ACU as a mature age student, check out our Mature Age Guide 2013.