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Quiz questions

Q 1: On the Atomic Learning home page, where would you find a list of all Tutorials?

Q 2: Under the Resources tab, find the Video Storytelling Guide. Click on Shots | Movement. Click on the word “tilt” at the beginning of the sixth paragraph. What is being shown in this example of a tilt shot?

Q 3: Under the Resources tab, select "Lesson Accelerators". Find the "Resumé Creation" project for Word 2007 (PC version). View the “What the example project looks like” video. What is the name of the applicant in the example resumé?;

Q 4: In the iTunes 6 tutorial (for Mac or PC), choose “Viewing/adding album artwork”. What is the name of the band used in the example?

Q 5: In the flickr tutorial, go to "Adding information to your photos". What title is being applied to the photo in the example?

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